Alabama Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society

Members at Work

Many of our members and friends can be found on Saturday mornings in the Organ Workshop of the Alabama Theatre, or in the organ chambers of the Alabama Theatre Wurlitzer. There, they perform the many tasks required to keep Bertha operating contentedly (and correctly, and in tune).

Unless noted otherwise, PhotoCredit: Andy Fox.

(L-R) Thurman Robertson, Larry Donaldson, Andy Gallien, Pat Seitz, Andy Fox. [PhotoCredit: Sabrina Summers]

(L-R) Tom Cronier, Butch Pair, Larry Donaldson

Pat Seitz, Thurman Robertson

Andy Gallien, (Larry Donaldson), Glenn Felten

John Troulias, Glenn Felten

(Fore) Andy Gallien, (Back) Tom Cronier

(L-R) John Troulias, James Coats, Larry Donaldson

Larry Donaldson, Organ Crew Chief and head bottle washer.
Andy Fox, candid photographer.

Andy Gallien, DIY problem solver with the simplest, easiest, most efficient fixes.

Thurman Robertson, chief engineer (when we get a steam train), and father of a real rocket scientist.

Pat Seitz, Chapter Secretary, ticket seller, and antiques buyer/seller.

Lookout, or I'll jump! Sabrina Summers, Web PIC, motorcyclist, sidecarist.

Kenny Lewis installing disconnects on Musette magnet cables.

The crew is working on Musette and String bottom boards.

Lacing magnet cable.

Thurman Robertson repairing a reclaimed pneumatic.

NO! Andy Fox, we don't need no more stinkin' pictures of us working!

Well, yes, actually we do. Santa (aka Larry Donaldson) teaching newest elf (Garrett Godbey) how a chest is wired. [PhotoCredit: Tom Cronier]

Garrett works on installing new chest wiring.